This Week in Boarding

3 November 2017

How does the Boarding House celebrate Christmas and the end of the year? Like a number of families, we have parties, functions and outings, albeit on a fairly large scale. There is an end of year trip to a theme park and our Year 12 Boarders enjoy their final meal in boarding with a sumptuous Christmas dinner. These Senior girls assist at this meal by serving and it is the last meal they have with their family table. So as well as the excitement, there are some sad farewells. The Year 10 Boarders enjoy the river cruise in Brisbane.

On the night of the Formal, the senior Boarders show their gowns to the boarding community in the dining room prior to moving to Picnic Point. The Year 11 boarders also do a humorous presentation to the 12s on the Monday night before their departure.

The Senior Boarders have many functions to attend during their last week. In that final week of school our whole community looks forward to the Carol Service at the Empire Theatre and the presentation of Awards. There is much excitement as boarders pack, some will move houses and all look forward to a long break at home. Glennie is not a school with a "wind down" mentality. We are always busy to the end.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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