Moo, Baa, Munch

27 October 2017

This week, 26 students went to Moo Baa Munch - a showcase of the agricultural industry. Most of the girls who went are very interested in working in or studying Agriculture after they leave school, so this excursion proved very helpful for them to see the wide range of fields covered in this industry. Below is what some of the girls had to say:

It was a great day and broadened our knowledge of agriculture from dairy farming to Gatton College to angora goats with mohair. As a Year 12 girl leaving school in a few weeks, this day was a great help in deciding that I want to further my education in agriculture. The first-hand information received from people living and working in the industry was invaluable for me while I am trying to decide a career pathway Bella Joseland.

It was a great way to learn about all the different sections in agriculture and rural businesses. From naming the parts of a pig, to getting fresh milk and branding a cowhide. It was really fun and I would love to do a Certificate in Agriculture judging from this experience Nina Fawckner.

The Moo Baa Munch excursion was a great way to find out what's out there in the agricultural world. It provided many different aspects from dairy farmers to breeds of sheep that enabled us to broaden our knowledge and respect the passion these people have for this industry Meg McKinlay.

Moo Baa Munch was a very exciting day. I got to learn many different things about all animals. I also got to put an ear tag in a cow’s ear, brand a cow skin, name different types of cattle and what some body parts are. As well as that, I saw a goat being shorn and best of all I got to hold and feed a little joey. Overall it was a fun and exciting day Shelby Dann.

I had a great day going through all of the agriculture industries and pathways to get there. Also the presenter's background and what they do in their jobs was interesting Grace Griffiths.

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