Celebrating a Journey

27 October 2017

The end of each year always brings special opportunities for girls to reflect upon the year they have had.  And for the Year 12 girls of Tufnell, Monday night’s dinner was one of these occasions.  Although the girls are not finished just yet, and still need to undertake a series of exams and assessment tasks, this dinner was a relaxed and informal get-together to celebrate the journey they have had this year as senior leaders of this wonderful red House.

I commended the girls on their humility, sense of pride, initiative and willingness to serve. One attribute I neglected to comment on though was their sense of joy.  This is one quality that is unique about this group of seniors, they understand the importance of happiness and companionship.  It is these two characteristics that have, I believe, enabled the girls to make this journey together a very special experience.

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Mrs Kaye Broadfoot
Acting Head of Tufnell House

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