This Week in Boarding

27 October 2017

Our Year 12s are busy, excited and facing their final school exams and assignments. It is a happy and very involved time of year for all in boarding.

There are the practice tans, hairstyles and makeup trials to observe. In addition, there are excited girls showing their friends new gowns. To those parents who have yet to experience a Year 12 Formal, one of the loveliest and most elegant gowns I have seen was discovered at a garage sale for $20. Another wonderful outfit was a stylish black cocktail length dress found in a Sydney vintage shop. This timeless outfit was versatile, stylish and suited to many types of future functions.

The Glennie boarders look forward to our end of year celebrations including the famous boarding Christmas dinner. This particular group of Year 12 boarders have been delightful, and we will miss them and their families. For those girls who are the last in the family line to attend Glennie we always miss the regular contact with their parents. Fortunately many call in from time to time to reconnect with us.

In addition to our Senior boarders departing, we will sadly farewell School Chaplain Miss Kate Powell at the end of this year. Miss Powell has been vital to the boarding community as a mentor, friend, counsellor and inspirational speaker; she has encouraged our boarders to be kind, generous, spiritual individuals who are quick to recognise and challenge injustice and are prepared to stand apart from the fashionable pack.

Miss Powell's words are always relevant to contemporary times, and she connects with young people with humour, care and great subtlety. She also has a deep understanding of the issues associated with boarding, having been to a boarding school herself.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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