A Message from the Head of Junior Years

20 October 2017

When you are travelling with a group of girls for a week, one soon gets to know them well. There are many differences within a cohort of Glennie girls, (and yes, like all students, they have their moments!), but there are some traits that seem to remain year in year out at Glennie. I refer to the way our girls present themselves when out within the community and their ability to be themselves, and yet present in a manner which makes them noticed by others - but in the nicest of ways!

Last week in Sydney and Canberra, we were approached by so many members of the community to say how well the girls behaved; their courtesy towards others, both within their own group and outside of it and also in the way they presented themselves in their uniform- wearing it with pride. Watching them standing with such respect in the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial and laying a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier really brings a lump to your throat, not only because of the solemnity of the occasion, but also due to the way the girls conduct themselves during this ceremony.

No more than we would expect really and yet sadly, we seem to stand out as being an exception to the rule. Both parents and the teachers should share in the credit here. Compliments were given from our first flight to the last. At various attractions, girls were given those extra little privileges just because of the way in which they presented themselves. An example was on a cruise around Lake Burley Griffin, where under guidance from the Captain, the girls ‘took the helm’ of the boat. Not much you might say, but when the driver tells you that there wouldn’t be many schools he would let anywhere near his wheelhouse, you know they are exceptional.

This is only one example and staff always talk about this across the school, after trips away - from day excursions to overseas tours. There is something special about Glennie girls and we need to nurture every little bit of this. It does make you proud to be associated with these girls and work in a place that holds on to what is important - well I think so anyway and I am sure that you do, too!

Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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