The Week in Boarding

13 October 2017

The week has been exciting with a lot on. Boarding tutoring has commenced again this week. The weekends remain busy with offerings such as chess, cooking, shopping, craft and movies. Both in-house and theatre movies will be available this coming weekend. There were Christmas Crafts last Saturday, and interested boarders will be taken by bus to the Fairholme Fair this coming Saturday.

Due to an external swimming carnival last weekend, the first Sunday Boarder recreational swimming starts this week. Our Boarding Committee is busy planning a Carnival themed dinner plus the Christmas dinner, and of course, our Year 12 boarders are very excited about the final weeks of their lives at Glennie. They have been an outstanding group and a delight to have in boarding. We also have boarders who have returned from France and the historical sights of Greece and Italy. They value these wonderful opportunities.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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