Summer Sport Commencement

13 October 2017

Term 4 has seen the commencement of our summer sports programs. 

We have a massive 20 teams in the Toowoomba Futsal competition led by Mrs Sue Watts, 14 teams in the Summer Toowoomba Touch competition led by Miss Lauren Potter and Mrs Kaye Broadfoot, three teams in the Toowoomba Water Polo competition led by Mrs Caroline McLean and, a first at Glennie we have seven teams competing in the inaugural Darling Downs Rugby 7s schools competition led by Mr Brad Griffiths and Mr Jason Black.

We hope the girls enjoy and appreciate all the options they are afforded at Glennie and we thank all the coaches and parents that take time from their personal busy schedules to ensure that all these sports are made possible and run as smoothly as possible.

Mr Brad Griffiths
Head of Sport

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