The week in Boarding

6 October 2017

The boarders have returned refreshed from their holidays. A few fortunate girls are arriving this week from the immersion trip to France and some others enjoyed a wonderful tour of Greece. A number of boarder parents joined them on the latter. Overseas travel provides opportunities and wonderful lifetime memories.

Although holidays for boarders provide time to socialise and catch up with family and friends, many of our girls work very hard on properties and support their families with their much-needed presence. These are highly competent and skilled young women with strong backgrounds in rural living.

We had hoped that a number of our boarding families have enjoyed some much-needed rain, but when I have asked individual parents, many properties have been missed by recent downpours, the likes of which Toowoomba has just enjoyed. These are certainly challenging and unpredictable times and we hope that a break from the seemingly endless dry will soon be upon us.

Sarah-Jane Coggan and Piper Wise performed well at the recent equestrian events. The boarders' Veggie patch is thriving and thank you to Mrs Gayle Ash for her holiday watering and weeding.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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