Training Day

6 October 2017

At the end of Term 3, the Queensland All Schools Touch Football teams assembled for their final preparations in the form of a "Training Day".

While the sessions built on the existing skills of each player, the day also proved to be a valuable opportunity to develop team unity and comradery.  Before lunch the Open team ‘smiled’ through their fitness testing, the 15s were challenged with attacking strategies, and the 13s sped through myriad ball skills sometimes on their knees.  However, it was the traditional "Team Challenge" and afternoon games that were hotly contested.

As per last year, each team were given the challenge to devise and present a ‘team war-cry’ and ‘presentation’.  The players needed to organise a way the team could be unified in appearance and develop a team specific ‘haka’ in order to mesmerise any opposing teams. The standard was exceptionally high.  While the Open girls rapped and the 15s were “red-backs”, it was the 13s stomping, chanting, diving and impressive whistle tone (from Jess Barnes) who secured the win.

The girls enjoyed a dine-in morning tea at Café G the following Monday, with cupcakes and drinks.  However, it was the Open girls who dominated the afternoon games and secured ‘bragging rights’ for being the “Best Touchdown Team” of the day.

To conclude, the girls enjoyed a refreshing recovery swim at the pool followed by a “Zooper Dooper”.  Thank you to the coaching staff, Miss Lauren Potter, Miss Elizabeth Campbell and Miss Shenae Ciesiolka for running the day and putting their finishing touches on their teams in readiness for the Qld tournament held the first week back in Term 4.  

A special thank you to the Glennie Sports Supporters who provided the BBQ lunch which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Players and staff consumed sausages, onions and salad with poppers, large chocolate biscuits and ice blocks.  Your support of the Touch Football program is greatly appreciated, thank you ☺.

We wish all teams, coaching staff and managers the very best for their campaigns at this year’s Queensland All Schools tournament.  Each team's training, preparation and participation in additional tournaments as proved highly rewarding, and we look forward to the continued successes of the teams at this next and final stage.

Contributed by Mrs Kaye Broadfoot

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