Good luck, State Athletes

6 October 2017

Glennie girls will be representing the Darling Downs at the State Athletics at Nathan, Brisbane.

Ruby Leicht, Bethany Casey, Anna Park, Jazelle Carter, Mia Brown, Jessica Fitzgibbons and Jessica Rowe Junior will be competing in the Years 10-12 years competition. This is the largest team of Glennie girls ever to be selected for this division. Good luck, girls! We look forward to hearing the results next week.

During the following week Middle and Senior Years girls will be competing at the Queensland School Sport Track & Field Championship at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre.

Good luck to Emily Baartz, Alyssa Baker, Kartia Chin, Shona Davidson, Matilda Leicht, Charlotte Lindemann, Molly Martin, Taleah McGrane, Kate Mclennan, Zoe McLoughlin, Anthea Moodie, Chenille Nona-Yellub and Eden Willmington.

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