A Message from Mrs Cohen

14 September 2017

At the end of another busy term and three-quarters of the way through the year, it is the time to thank and farewell some members of staff and students.

Mr Greg Sellars has been teaching a few of Mrs Waters’ maths classes in her absence during Term 3 and we thank him for his contribution.

Two teachers will be leaving us for a period of time as they go off to have babies; with best wishes and lots of love we say farewell for now to Ms Peta Vincent and Mrs Patricia Barbancon. Their classes will be picked up by Ms Fran Lelion (Mrs Barbancon), who joins us from France and Mr Peter Klein (Ms Vincent), who has done a lot of relief teaching at Glennie throughout the year. Ms Lelion is qualified to teach French, English and Social Sciences; she has experience both here and abroad. Mr Klein’s qualifications lie in the areas of Geography, the Humanities and Physical Education.

Mrs Pauline Gehrmann will enjoy a relaxing break in Term 4, as she heads off on Long Service Leave. Miss Leanne Mitchell will take up the position of Acting Head of Department - MY Social Sciences and Business.

Mrs Fransisca De Jager is retiring from teaching as she joins her husband on a macadamia farm they have purchased near Ballina. They are both very excited to be returning to the land after many years and we wish them well as they take on this exciting endeavour. I know that Mrs De Jager will be greatly missed by the many students that she has taught and mentored during her time here, but I have no doubt that she will pop in to say hello when she is in the area. Her classes will be picked up by Ms Stephanie Fox who is a Home Economics teacher with a specialty in Textiles.

Next term, we welcome back Mrs Cathy Waters, Mrs Sue Contarini and Mrs Kathy O’Brien after their Long Service Leave. We trust that they return well rested and re-inspired!

I would like to thank all the teachers who have picked up classes in their absence and Mrs Kaye Broadfoot who has been Acting Head of Webber House for Term 3 and now needs to change her colours to head Tufnell House for Term 4 and Term 1 2018.

To the handful of students and families who are leaving Glennie at the end of the term, I wish you well and may God keep you in the palm of his hand. You will be missed, and I hope that wherever you go you find love, happiness and support and take a little bit of The Glennie soul with you.

For all our Glennie community, go safely wherever you may be:

God of all, as we prepare to leave this place and journey home, we pray that you may watch over us and fill our lives with your Spirit. As we rest, may we not rest in developing our relationship with you.

As we enjoy our many blessings may we develop a keen awareness of our role in this world as peacemakers and blessing bearers.

Open our minds, our hearts and our souls to you as we spend time in relaxation and personal space. May we return refreshed and filled with a renewed vision for our lives here. Amen

Mrs Kim Cohen

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