A Message from Mrs Cohen

1 September 2017

On Tuesday morning I took a stroll around the Middle and Senior Years campus at the start of the day. I should do this every day, it gave me a feeling of great contentment. The place was alive with the sounds of a school getting down to business.

Year 12 girls were being prepped for their first QCS paper; they were calm and ready and there was a sense of excitement about getting started. I popped into a tutor class where girls and their teacher were in conversation with music playing in the background. I could hear the discordant strains of happy birthday being belted out further down the corridor. I came across an Exec member hurrying dawdlers into classes with a firm hand and a kind word.

A peaceful, productive and caring atmosphere permeated. All this against the fragrant backdrop of the early blooming Glennie gardens and beautiful historic buildings.

The next evening I joined a group of excited Junior Years students who were gathered in their pyjamas in the library for story time. I loved reading to the little girls and was surprised at how long it took to get through one story; we had to stop frequently to discuss pictures and situations, and to hear personal accounts of what is happening in everyone’s lives! It was so much fun. The evening ended with delicious milo and marshmallows served from the Breezeway Cafe. I returned home with a smile on my face and a warm feeling - as did most of the girls I am sure.

On Thursday morning dads and daughters gathered on the Junior Years campus for breakfast together to celebrate Fathers’ Day. For the third time in as many days I experienced the warm, collegial atmosphere which is so unique to Glennie. That special something that no one can quite put a name to. I think the closest that we have come (to coin a phrase initiated by Mr Warren) is ‘The Glennie Hug’.

Of course not everything is always rosy and, like all schools, we have issues and situations that need to be addressed. What is important is that we do address them and that all members of the community feel that they are heard. Please remember that if you have concerns it is always best to speak up. In the first instance speak to the staff member concerned, as they are always best positioned to address the issue and sort it out before it grows. You may be surprised how often problems addressed early and at the right level can be solved very quickly. If you feel at that point that you need take the problem to the next level, please do so.

Mrs Kim Cohen

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