A Message from Mrs Suhr

1 September 2017


In 1992 Glennie was undergoing a major refurbishment program and old demountable buildings were placed on the backs of trucks and taken across Herries Street to their new home, where hitherto there had been three houses. The plan was to re-establish the Prep School without it costing the earth.  We were promised that if it became successful, the school would one day be re-built.

In that first year, we were in the spotlight daily.  After all, we had to put Glennie Prep (as it was then called) on the Toowoomba map!  We did not miss an opportunity to showcase what we were doing.  We had two teachers, no office, no administration staff and twenty-six children.


From these humble beginnings, grew what is now The Glennie Junior Years.  We have fantastic buildings and resources.  We had for many years said that it does not matter what the buildings look like, it is what goes on inside them that matters.

Now we have both!

Mrs Brenda Suhr
Deputy Head of Junior Years

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