1 September 2017

The boarders are rapidly heading into exam mode and this is a busy time of the year when girls can become unwell and tired. Although the Health Centre has been busy, it has not been any more so than previous years and remains manageable. Having an efficient  Health Centre contained within boarding is an enormous asset, and staff can closely monitor any unwell girls. Our Glennie  Doctor, Sian Ford, is also an invaluable member of our caring team and works to support our boarding families.

A hectic week was had by all with new boarder orientation taking place last Sunday and Monday, with some girls remaining in boarding until Tuesday. Caring for the new boarders and their entertainment on Sunday night has always been a task enjoyed by the Year 11 boarders as a part of their leadership.

Monday night saw one of our final fundraisers for the year with the Recycled dinner which was the result of considerable Boarding Committee organisation. Tuesday and Wednesday were days of QCS for our Year 12 boarders who poured back into Simmons on Wednesday afternoon looking relieved but somewhat exhausted.

Simmons House staff organised the annual pizza party for our Year 12 boarders; this is always a wind down night with pizza for dinner and a celebratory mud cake for dessert. While people think these older girls might let off steam, many had a rest after dinner to resurface at supper time for cake. Completing QCS is one of those significant rites of passage that we celebrate, as day girls would with family at home.

Our younger boarders had the opportunity to make hand painted crockery with Mrs Ash. The purpose of their efforts being lovely Fathers' Day gifts.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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