A Message from the Head of Junior Years

18 August 2017

I often get asked the question, “so what is the Andrews Cup competition?”

Today, I offer a little history about this amazing competition which will move into its 80th anniversary in 2018 with some special events in the planning stage.

In 1938, Miss Jessie Andrews (1910-2008) and her older sister Isabel, (1898-1981) both teachers at Somerville House, approached the Principal at the school with the idea of commencing a sporting competition for primary aged girls and wished to donate a trophy ‘The Andrews Cup.’ The Principal, Miss Jarrett agreed, (probably very reluctantly at the time!) and an invitation was sent to sister school Clayfield College, to commence some competitive events in swimming, athletics, ballgames, tennis, lifesaving and basketball for the girls at these two schools in the primary years - up to Year 8 at the time.

These amazing teachers were well ahead of their time. Whilst there had been many competitions for boys and a few secondary girls competitions in ‘selected sports’, girls primary sport was not considered a priority, and certainly not necessary, with traditional ‘girls’ activities’ considered to be far more important!

And so ‘The Queensland Girls Primary Independent Schools Andrews Cup Association’ was born! How things have changed over the last 79 years! Today- Glennie, Fairholme, TACAPS, Somerville House, Moreton Bay College, Clayfield College, St Aidan’s, St Margaret’s, Ipswich Girls Grammar School and St Hilda’s - ten schools that all share very similar philosophies on sports competitions, are involved in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics as core sports, along with the elective sports of Netball, Touch Football, Artistic Gymnastics, Softball, Basketball, and Tennis.

Girls from Years 2 to 6 are involved in core sports and Years 4 to 6 in elective sports across the four terms. With most tracks and pools limited to ten lanes, no more schools are able to join, unless a school resigns from the group.

The Association has worked hard in recent years to become a leading sporting group utilising facilities for the girls such as the Queensland Athletics Centre, Nathan and the Chandler Aquatic Centre (both have been Commonwealth Games venues), providing the competitors with an amazing experience against probably the best primary sportswomen in Queensland. A part time Executive Officer is employed to assist school sportspersons with the organisation of these events.

Glennie is continuing to make great gains and achieve successes across a broader range of sports and our coaches are to be congratulated on their commitment to the girls, and our girls are to be congratulated for their commitment to their sport.

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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