This Week in Boarding

18 August 2017

We are currently working on decorations for the upcoming Recycled Dinner; this is an old joke from me but the food is definitely not recycled! Wednesday evening was a working bee with the younger boarders on "flowers" for the tables and "vases" being attractive plastic protein drink bottles with hourglass waists. There will be a gold coin donation at the Recycled Dinner for Ribbon Day.

The Boarding Committee have completed their scarecrow for their newly established veggie patch. With Mrs Ash, Lucy Geddes and Bella Joseland as chief organisers, a group of boarders prepared raised garden beds. The Glennie Gardening staff kindly did a lot of the heavy lifting with the soil.

My husband sacrificed some of his gardening clothes so we now have a friendly, and slightly bizarre looking creature guarding the growing plants. Kerry Joseland kindly provided the photo of Bella (left) and Lucy (right) with their garden.

Seven boarders conducted tours of the School for  Glennie Old Girls last weekend. The boarders always enjoy this experience and did a great job. Tour guides were Mia Semple and Nicole Seis from Simmons House plus Jennifer Sheehan, Shakita Foster, Kiana Williams, Michaela Horn and Ruby Tighe from Brown House.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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