Year 9 Subject Selections for Year 10, 2018

18 August 2017

Last week, the girls in Year 9 attended subject selection talks to help them make their Elective subject selections for Year 10 next year.  In Year 10 our students will study Core courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Modern History, Geography, Health and PE, and RE.  Advice will be provided by Maths staff on which Mathematics course is most suitable for each student.  The subject selections to be made relate chiefly to single-term, Elective subjects which will run during Terms 1, 2 and 3 in Year 10.  We regard these options as “tasters” – the girls are encouraged to sample a variety of elective options in areas that interest them.  This is to help inform the decisions they make at this time next year when they will select subjects for Years 11 and 12. It is important to bear in mind, when making subject selection decisions this year, that these “taster” Elective units are not regarded as pre-requisites for continuing with these subjects in Years 11 and 12.

Most parents of our Year 9 students will by now, be aware that this cohort will be the first group in Queensland to go into the new “ATAR” system for tertiary entrance - this system will replace our current OP system.  The details of this system are still being released, so at this stage, we aren’t able to provide a full overview of how we will proceed at Glennie, but we expect to be able to provide more detailed advice in the near future.  We are able to say, though, that we will be implementing the new system commencing in Term 4 next year.  This is a pattern which many Queensland schools will follow.  In the meantime, parents may wish to check the Year 10 Subject Handbook for further details as their daughters finalise their subject selections.  The booklet is available in the Student Handbook on Portal.

Mr John Farmer
Deputy Head of Senior Years

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