This Week in Boarding

11 August 2017

This week has been busy with evening sport and it is wonderful to see the boarders happily involved in a variety of offerings through Club G. It is an opportune time to inform members of the Glennie community of how involvement in sports works in boarding.

The boarders have the opportunity to order late or packed meals every day. Reasons for this can include sport, tutoring and work. Packed morning and afternoon tea plus lunches can be ordered any day for excursions. It is our obligation to provide all meals including special diets every day regardless of the girls’ commitments. On occasions, the Glennie Catering staff will have over thirty late dinners to prepare. This may be in addition to supplying early meals.They are always helpful and make sure that the girls are well fed.

Boarders are transported to and from sporting venues and supervision is provided.

Our Boarders are a wonderful asset when promoting Glennie. Year 12 boarders volunteered to assist at last week's Golf Day. Four Boarders will take School tours on Saturday for the GOGA weekend.

We enjoyed an Etiquette dinner run by the Year 12 Boarding Committee on Thursday night. The art of orderly soup consumption was an important part of the evening.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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