Subject Selection

4 September 2015

It was lovely to see so many girls and parents at the information night for Middle Years Subject Selection on Monday. If you were unable to join us for the session, it was recorded and is now available on the Glennie Youtube channel. 

Next week the subject selection process for the Middle Years begins. Information regarding subject and offerings are available from the 2016 Middle Years Subject Information Book

From Tuesday, 1 September, forms will be available via the Subject Selection Button on the Portal:

  • Year 9 Subject Selection Form 2016
  • Year 8 Language Choice From 2016

All Forms are due back by Monday, 7 September in hard copy form to Tutor Teachers, faxed or can be scanned and emailed back to  

Year 8 into 9 2016

On Tuesday, 1 September, in Period 4, the Year 8s will have an Information Session outlining the Subject Selection process for 2016.

Girls will receive their Subject Selection form for parent discussion and signing as the initial stage of the process.

Year 7 into 8 2016

Girls will receive their Language Choice Forms on Tuesday, 1 September, for parent discussion and signing. Girls will be required to nominate their Language (French or Japanese) subject or register their interest for the French Immersion Program.

Students considering the French Immersion Program will be required to submit a written application form as well since only one class will be offered in 2016.

French or Japanese language studies are compulsory until the end of Year 9 (unless students are part of the Language Skills/LANP program). The French Immersion program continues to the end of Year 10.

Please direct any enquiries about subject selection to   

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