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27 August 2015

Over the last year or two, the Parenting Ideas newsletters and information sheets have proven to be very popular with parents. Below is the newsletter from Parenting expert, Michael Grose, regarding the return of the Parenting Ideas Mood Meter Program.

Yes, I’m conducting the 4 week online Mood Meter Program for Parents again –starting 11th September.

As you know the Mood Meter Program is the first in a series of three courses I’ve created to teach parents how develop emotional intelligence in kids.

People kept asking

We’ve had so many requests from parents who either missed the first course, or who had heard about it from friends, that I had to conduct it a second time. They want to experience the benefits that the Mood Meter Program brings. Here’s what past participants say:

“I have become more actively aware of my emotions and my reactions at varying times of the day and how I regulate my mood in everyday situations, including my parenting.” Will P, happy dad.

“It is such a simple way to get me to check in on how my emotional state is affecting my parenting and such a simple tool to explain to kids and get them to use.” Lyndall Q, mother.

So, if you missed it the first time, then you’ve got just one more chance to learn how to give your kids the capacity to regulate their emotional states so they can be happier, less anxious and angry, and more able to perform at their full potential at school.

What is the Mood Meter?

The Mood Meter is a simple but powerful tool that will help you and your kids recognise, express and regulate emotions. The Mood Meter was originally designed for kids by the fabulous team at Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, but it’s a brilliant tool for parents too.

“I am calmer, I shout less, I am more mindful of how I am feeling and why.” Carolyn Y, mother.

The Mood Meter will help you be a more effective parent as well as help your kids better manage their feelings and emotion.

Register now and start benefitting straight away

While the course starts on 11th September you can start your learning right now. As soon as register you’ll receive a link to the Pre-learning video as well as access to all the resources, downloads and videos on the Parentingideas Club website. Register here

And you’ll be joining a huge community of like-minded parents:

“I found hearing other stories very cathartic. A lot of what I am going through is happening in other houses around Australia and the world. In some ways it helps me to realise I am not alone.” Jess, mum of two children

Let the learning begin

As parents we teach our kids so many things but by far the most important is how to manage their emotions so they can be happy.

Here’s to raising happy kids!

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