A Message from the Head of Middle Years

21 July 2017

It has been wonderful to celebrate the academic achievements of our girls in Middle and Senior Years this week, and it is the time of the academic year to reflect on the goals we set for Semester 1 and adjust these or consider new ones for Semester 2. As parents, we hope to support our daughters in achieving their goals whether they be academic, in the performing arts, on the sporting field or in some other pursuit and it can be difficult to ensure our girls are keeping balance in their lives while setting attainable yet challenging goals.

Michael Grose, who writes the supplement Parenting Ideas, that we add to eNews periodically, penned his thoughts about how parents react to academic reports. I thought his comments are fitting as the girls consider (and hopefully celebrate) their successes in Semester 1 and set new challenges for Semester 2.

'Expectations are tricky. If they are too high, then kids can be turned off learning. Too low and there is nothing to strive for. Pitch your expectations in line with a child’s abilities. Remember there are slow bloomers, late developers and steady-as- you-go kids in every classroom, so avoid comparing your child to siblings, your friends’ children and even yourself when you were young. Instead, look for individual progress. No matter how good or bad your child's report may be, they can wipe the slate clean and make a brand new start next year. And it's amazing the difference a holiday can make.'

Mrs Jo Matherson
Head of Middle Years

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