This week in boarding

21 July 2017

The Boarding Committee and I held our regular weekly meeting on Wednesday and on the agenda was the topic of theme dinners for the term. The Alphabet dinner will be the first at the end of July. In addition to this, there will be the Recycled dinner in August. Both will involve more than just a meal. These sorts of occasions lend themselves to other activities such as the making of decorations and costumes. In addition to the creative aspects, there is the opportunity to raise money for cancer research.

Please be aware that the recycled dinner involves recycled clothing and decorations, not food! The Year 12 boarders look forward to attending a dinner with the Fairholme Year 12 boarders on 31 July and we will also hold an Etiquette dinner this term.

We have four new GAP students joining us this term. Three young German women arrived on Thursday morning and a GAP student from Ecuador will also become a part of our boarding community. GAP students reside in self- contained motel-style rooms within boarding. They contribute considerably to the community. They undertake boarding duties with supervision from Senior Boarding staff and, as well as managing general boarding life, they are encouraged to get to know the boarders and staff.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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