This week in boarding

14 July 2017

The boarders returned with great cheer and enthusiasm on Monday afternoon and we held the Boarder Parent Forum in the Dining Room at 5.00pm with some parents staying for dinner. Everyone appears to be in good spirits and refreshed after a break.

We welcome Miss Jessica Carroll as a resident staff member to Dowson House with three GAP students joining us late next week. There was a lively State of Origin dinner on Wednesday night.  On Thursday night we held a celebration of indigenous heritage organised by Mrs Janet Reed and the Indigenous boarders and day girls.

There will be craft with Mrs Ash on Saturday afternoon and the Fairholme Boarders' bash on Saturday evening. As well as providing some relaxation on Sunday, Brown House has a morning outing arranged. Boarding tutoring and chess commence next week.

Mrs Val Lovel
Head of Boarding

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