A Message from Kim Cohen

9 June 2017

I love having parents, staff and students pop in for a chat. I know it’s not always easy given my full diary, but if you contact my PA at principalsoffice@glennie.qld.edu.au she will always make a time for you. It is far more productive for members of the community to talk to me rather than worrying about issues and wondering why they are not being addressed. The reality is that in order to address concerns I need to know about them!

Having said the above, it is always good in the first instance to address concerns regarding teaching and learning with the teacher concerned. More often than not the problem can be sorted at that level as soon as the teacher becomes aware of it. The next port of call in the Middle and Senior Years is the Head of Department, followed by the Head or Deputy Head of Sub-schools. If the issue is regarding emotional or social wellbeing, the person to contact is your daughter’s Head of House (Middle and Senior Years) or Head or Deputy Head in Junior Years. The reason that we have this process in place is because these are the people who can address the problem quickly and effectively.

If you wish to make a complaint, please refer to the Complaints Management in Anglican Schools Policy. 

At Glennie, we understand the importance of exposing our students to diversity in education. Part of these diverse experiences includes numerous excursions, activities, camps and tours. These may be curriculum related or linked to our extra-curricular program. In an effort to make extra-curricular tours as accessible as possible to as many students as possible, the Acting Head of Performing Arts, Jason Wisley, Head of Sport, Brad Griffiths, and I have come up with an eight-year plan. This is to ensure a spread of domestic and overseas trips. We have come up with the following:

  • Performance - Domestic: 2018/2022
  • Sport - International: 2019/2023
  • Performance - International: 2020/2024
  • Sport - Domestic: 2021/2025

While we will make every effort to adhere to these dates, sometimes competitions or opportunities may arise that we need to consider.

Wishing you all a blessed weekend and week ahead.

Mrs Kim Cohen


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