Welcome to Hogwarts

9 June 2017

The famous fictitious character Harry Potter shed a new light, or in fact, a fantastic glow on the entire concept of boarding school. Those of us who work in boarding sincerely thank JK Rowling for her efforts in this regard because Harry reinvented boarding school and made it far more attractive to young people.

Boarding can be great fun. Fortunately, Glennie is less risky an environment than Hogwarts and brooms are not a part of the uniform. I doubt that Hogwarts as a safe environment for children would come close to passing any contemporary risk assessment test!

Thursday evening was devoted to a Harry Potter theme dinner. I guess many boarding schools have attempted these, all with a different take on the fantastical lad and his intrepid friends.

Dinners like this provide the opportunity to be creative. Our frog races were actually hopping origami frogs, and stretch the snake involved jelly snakes. There was a collection to support cancer research and a quiz made up by Harry Potter devotee, Miss Chris Putland.

Mrs Gayle Ash and the Year 12 boarders led by Lucy Geddes ad Bella Joseland spent many hours involved in the making of props and special treats to create an entertaining and unusual evening. The Junior boarders were also helpful and creative.

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Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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