This Week in Boarding

2 June 2017

The boarders have had a busy week with exams but there has been some frivolity as a balance. We ensure that there is reward for study. I recently asked a Year 7 boarder how she enjoyed boarding and she was pointing out the many positives to me. She explained that some of her favourite things were the great theme dinners which are a credit to the Boarding Committee and the Captain and Vice Captain Lucy Geddes and Bella Joseland.

We held Birthday Tuesday for May this week with a glorious chocolate cake and birthday cards. There was the traditional pie and chips meal for State of Origin night on Wednesday. There is always friendly rivalry between our NSW and Queensland boarders and the dining room was a sea of maroon with a few patches of blue. In order to remain neutral, I wore both colours!

Our Year 6 and 7 boarders will enjoy an evening with their Fairholme counterparts tonight. It will be a South of the Border night with a Mexican meal followed by line dancing. The dining room will be a festive environment and I am sure that the dancing that follows will wear off the calories.

The boarders are planning outfits to wear to the Harry Potter evening next Thursday. Refectory style dining will be the go with a beautiful and imperious owl, jelly beans in jars, and non-flying broomsticks. There are prizes and other lovely surprises to look forward to.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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