A Message from the Mrs Cohen

25 May 2017

One of the many positive comments that I get from the wider community about our students is the high standard of our uniform and how smart the students always look. It became very clear to me at the time of The Glennie Fair how incredibly proud the girls are of their uniform: senior students explained to me that they would much prefer to wear their summer uniform than their sports uniform as they love to stand out as Glennie girls.

In order to ensure that our uniform continues to instil a sense of pride and be a source of positive commentary, I urge you to support the staff in ensuring that you daughter wears her uniform correctly at all times. Of particular concern are the following:

  • Panamas to be worn to and from school.
  • The only acceptable earrings are small gold or silver studs (NO pearls), one pair worn in the lower lobe.
  • Name badges to be on the outermost layer of clothes.
  • When MSY students are off the property their outer layer must be either their vest or blazer (NOT shirt or jumper).
  • Shoes must be polished

After discussion with staff, parents and students I have made a few tweaks to uniform requirements:

  • Girls are not to wear their hair in a bundle on top of their heads, this would prevent them from being able to wear their hats properly.
  • Sports shoes should be predominantly white if possible, otherwise grey or black. I understand that these options are not always available for students requiring specialised shoes, in which case colours will be acceptable, but NOT fluorescent colours please. Shoelaces for sports shoes must be white.

Thank you for your support in ensuring that our girls continue to maintain the high standard to which we have become accustomed.

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