A Message from the Deputy Head of Senior Years

12 May 2017

Winter is certainly on its way at Glennie. The temperature is dropping, the girls are in winter uniform, and the Term 2 exam block is rapidly approaching. Two ways Glennie girls can be organised this term is to ensure they have all components of the winter uniform, and if need be, hems have been let down to ensure skirts are the right length. Visit the GOSS if you need to replace anything.

Another important way girls can be organised is by ensuring they have looked ahead to their assessment and examination schedule and have developed a study plan that will let them meet their co-curricular commitments, be well prepared for assessment, and also have time to relax. Girls can approach their tutor or classroom teachers if they need assistance in organising their time effectively. We look forward to seeing our warmly dressed and well-prepared girls do their best as we enter the last half of the term!

Miss Alison Bedford
Deputy Head of Senior Years (acting)

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