Toowoomba Eisteddfod

12 May 2017

Well done to all of the Glennie students who performed in the Choral Eisteddfod sections from Thursday to Sunday last week. Choirs from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools competed, sometimes against each other in the same section. The standard of performance from all competitors was very high. The staff and students involved are to be commended for their professionalism and obvious passion that they have for choral singing. Well done to Miss Kann and Mrs Bravery for their outstanding conducting and to Mrs Evans and Mrs Gordon for their wonderful accompanying. Thanks to Mr Finlay and Mrs Kleidon for their co-ordination of the Junior choirs, Mrs Hawthorne for her organisation and to all of the staff that supervised across the weekend. It is evident from the excellent results below, and also from the sections where we didn’t place, that choral singing is alive and well at Glennie and that each choir should be proud of their high standard of performances.    

Toowoomba Eisteddfod July/August

Entries for the second part of the eisteddfod for Instrumental, Drama and Dance close very soon. If your daughter would like to participate in this part of the eisteddfod that occurs in July/August, entries close on Thursday 18 May. Students can enter via their instrumental teacher or to Mrs Hawthorne in the PAC office.


  • Primary School Spiritual Song or Gospel Choir; G Major Choir - 3rd
  • Primary School Modern Choir; G Major Choir - 3rd 
  • Primary School A Grade Choir, G Major Choir - 3rd 


  • Secondary School Choir; Senior Years Choir - 1st
  • Secondary School Vocal Ensemble;  Glennie Singers - 3rd 


  • Secondary School Hymn Singing Choir; Middle Years Choir - 3rd 
  • Secondary School Folk Singing Ensemble; Choral Group - 3rd  


  • Primary School Vocal Ensemble; G Major Arpeggios - 2nd 
  • Primary School Hymn Singing Choir; G Major Choir - 2nd 
  • Middle School Vocal Ensemble; Glennie Singers - 1st 
  • Middle School Choir; Middle Years Choir - 1st

Photos: G Minor Choir, G Major Choir

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