This Week in Boarding

28 April 2017

The first Monday back saw excited and happy boarders. Although the girls miss their families, there is the obvious joy of catching up again with friends. The dinnertime of the night of return buzzes with excitement as boarders chat over the meal and discuss holiday exploits.The Boarding Staff also participated in a breakfast session on marketing with Mr John Devine.

Friday evening of the first week back was chess night and Bella Chicks in the Assembly Hall. Saturday night saw over 100 boarders and staff attend High School Musical at the Empire Theatre. Brown House enjoyed a sausage sizzle in Laurel Bank Park on Sunday.

Tuesday morning was the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Mother's Memorial. This was the first time I have ordered a second bus for attendees, and 76 boarders volunteered to go. They were Joined by Principal Mrs Kim Cohen, Mrs Gill Reynoldson, Miss Cassie Ross, Miss Stacie Broom. Our three Gap Student, Misses Jody Hender, Theresa Meyer and Jenny Wang were also interested attendees.

Tutoring commences again in the boarding houses.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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