Middle and Senior Years Staffing Changes

24 March 2017

As we move towards the end of Term 1, it is important to identify the teachers taking up Middle and Senior Years leadership positions as a result of staff taking long service leave. Please be aware of the following appointments.

Acting positions for Term 2:

  • Deputy Head of Senior Years – Ms Alison Bedford
  • Head of Arts – Mr Jason Wisley

Acting Positions for Terms 2 & 3:

  • Head of Department – Senior Years Science – Miss Amy Theobald
  • Head of Department – Middle Years Science – Mrs Jennifer McPhie

Acting Position for Term 3

  • Head of Webber House – Mrs Kaye Broadfoot

Acting Position for Term 4:

  • Head of Department – Middle Years Social Sciences – Miss Leanne Mitchell 

Acting position for the remainder of 2017 (Terms 2 – 4):

  • Head of Department – Health and Physical Education – Mrs Susan Watts

Thank you, in advance, for your support of these staff in the months ahead.

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