The Week in Boarding

3 March 2017

Boarding should never be considered a place that is a holding bay between bouts of academia. Academic commitment is a high priority in our community.  Of course we have down time, socialising, games, activities and fun, but there is that important opportunity to receive ongoing assistance with homework and this is advertised to our boarding families on the Glennie Portal.

Brown House Boarders have staff with them at night who can assist with homework, as do Dowson House girls. Tutoring Senior Boarders is more specialised, so we have a Science specific tutor who assists with Physics, Chemistry and Biology on Tuesday nights, and a Maths A, B and C tutor on Thursday nights. Fiona Woodward, one of the Simmons House Staff is a trained Humanities teacher who offers support to any Senior girls while she does duty on Saturdays and also assists the Brown House girls with their homework at night.

Boarders have an advantage in this regard, and are reminded to make the most of what is on offer. This type of academic support is very important for children who live away from home. They become comfortable with the people offering assistance and this in turn builds confidence.

We do encourage boarder parents to utilise what we have on offer before exploring external tutoring services. Ours is group tutoring but that can be advantageous because of the peer interaction. Further support is also available through the day School where tutorials are regularly offered.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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