The Week in Boarding

24 February 2017

I have early dinner with our youngest boarders once per week and follow this with an art and craft session. Last week we engaged in scratch art which is similar to what many people remember doing with coloured crayons covered by black. I managed to source some scratch art boomerangs last week, and we will do these tonight.

As well as being a trained art teacher I was also a practising artist, and am a great believer in being multi-skilled. Arts and crafts are not just about mindless entertainment; they enhance patience, self-worth, improve concentration and develop fine motor skills. Most importantly, art trains the ability to think in a divergent fashion, or in other words, art encourages problem-solving and the ability to think laterally.

The boarders enjoy learning these skills and what we do is certainly worthwhile. My hope is to engage children and encourage them to be less reliant on mass production and be more self-sufficient. Next week, we will be sewing on buttons and learning a bit of basic stitchery. They will then know what to do when their hem comes down!

Gayle Ash takes craft on a Saturday, and last week the boarders created mini succulent gardens. They have also done basic embroidery and decorated a mug with porcelain paint.

Some years ago I was teaching Art in a school similar to Glennie; it was the last lesson on Friday afternoon and I must admit I was feeling a bit jaded. A class of Year 8s arrived and one brightly raced through the door with the comment "I have been hanging out for this class all day". Her cheerful comment has remained with me.

I love my computer dearly, but the joy of creating something myself is something I will never lose and I hope this love of learning something new stays with our boarders. Please note that art, craft and much of our Boarder Enrichment Program is at no charge to our families.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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