A message from Mrs Kim Cohen

10 February 2017

As we come to the close of Week 3, the school has settled into its natural rhythm and the place hums with energy. Students and staff alike are fully engaged in the academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual life of the school. I have loved walking around the grounds and watching the girls immersed in their various activities from dance to lacrosse, Musical rehearsals to netball trials.

On the weekend my husband, daughter, dogs and I popped in at the oval prior to the start of the outdoor movie - what a lovely sense of community we experienced there. Further into our walk, we met up with a gaggle of young boarders who were as excited to see the dogs as the dogs were to see them! The next day they arrived at my house en masse to take Buttons and Stannis on an outing - there were big smiles all round.

I am taking time to have meetings with all members of staff during the first term, and every one of them that I have met so far (about 60) have commented on the community that is Glennie. I witness this ‘Glennie Hug’ every day in every aspect of school life. How lucky are we all to be a part of it?

Please remember that The Glennie Fair, this year doubling as an Open Day, is on the 12 March. This is yet another opportunity to enjoy and by a vital part of this special place. I look forward to chatting to many of you at this event.

All the best for a fulfilling and blessed weekend and week ahead.

Mrs Kim Cohen

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