The Week in Boarding

10 February 2017

The junior boarders were entertained by the Boarding Committee last Friday and enjoyed an evening of popcorn and a movie with our senior girls.

Mrs Gayle Ash helped boarders to make hand painted mugs last Saturday afternoon and they will have the opportunity to learn some sewing skills with me this Saturday.

Swimming for boarders is available on Tuesdays before breakfast as well as a special two-hour session on Sunday afternoons.

An exciting addition of a recreation area in Brown House was completed during the holidays; our grateful thanks to all of the Glennie staff concerned. We have commenced furnishing this beautiful space. A pool table and multiple bean bags will arrive shortly. There is a TV for movie evenings which has been used already. We purchased some high-quality educational documentaries suited to younger boarders. There are board games and a table tennis table. We will develop the space further over the next weeks.

We are currently busy with planning and making sessions for our Valentine's Day dinner on Tuesday. The Boarding Committee and our most junior boarders have enjoyed bonding sessions to make bright and attractive decorations for this lovely occasion. Our focus is, as always, the concept of "agape" which is kind and altruistic love as opposed to the romantic. There are prizes for best dressed and lucky door prizes. A gold coin donation is taken to aid Bush Ministry.

A number of boarders are looking forward to Chess on Friday. Boarding tutoring is well underway. A list will be available on the Portal next week.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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