AIS Research Information - Week 3

14 August 2015

Developing Sport Psychology skills in junior sport.

The topic this week is a more general one for junior girls and boys in all sports. Researchers in the study found that, once at senior level, sport athletes in cricket, tennis, AFL and kayaking were overwhelmed with the sport psychology sessions and extra pressures. If juniors are introduced to many of these topics earlier in junior sport they will feel more comfortable.

Goal setting, motivation, imagery, self-confidence, concentration and resilience are all areas of sport psychology that even athletes as young as 12 can be introduced to. There is no need for in-depth involvement, but an understanding and introduction to these concepts would be a huge advantage for many young athletes.  

At Glennie, as part of the Year 11 and 12 Senior PE elective, sport psychology is studied and the girls find this area very interesting.

If you would like information or to discuss this matter further, please contact me.

Mr Greg Convery
Head of Department - Sports


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