School-based traineeships

3 February 2017

With the beginning of the new year, I am being sent lots of vacancies for school-based traineeships from many different businesses and I am sending these on to Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Girls interested in obtaining a traineeship are asked to check their emails regularly.

For girls in Year 10 and 11, now is a great time to start undertaking a traineeship as they could possibly finish before they start their final year of school. For girls in Year 12, it may be a bit late to start a traineeship now, but it still possible if they are really keen.

Having completed a Certificate III through a traineeship will give girls a ranking that may help them get into university, as well as provide them with 8 QCE points. This is a great backup plan for girls who aren't sure that their OP will be high enough to get them into university. It is also a great thing to have on their resumé. Traineeships provide girls with important skills and experience, and prepares them for the world of work.

Employ your own daughter!

Parents who own their business should consider employing their daughter as a school-based trainee. There are Government incentives and funding for training available that make this a great opportunity for parents and their daughters.

Girls should come and see me, or email me for any further information.

Mrs Belinda Paul
VET Co-ordinator

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