The Week in Boarding

11 November 2016

This is a particularly busy time of year for all in boarding with many festivities to look forward to including our annual Christmas dinner next Wednesday. There is the Mother Daughter Breakfast, Father Daughter Bowling and the Formal high on the list for the Year 12 girls, the River Cruise for the Year 10 girls and all boarders are looking forward to a day trip to Movie World. The Carol Service and Speech Day will close a busy term.

A small but significant thing happened this week when I invited the Year 11 boarders who will be the 2017 Boarding Committee, to have early dinner and craft with the Year 7 boarders. We made collaged cards for Christmas, and the older girls assisted the younger ones following a practical demonstration. It was a lovely and impromptu session with the leaders spending quality time with younger girls, and it was worth the lengthy preparation.

There are many moments in boarding that make this a highly worthwhile profession. Sadly, we farewell a lovely group of Year 12 boarders who are looking forward to the next exciting stages of their lives. We wish them every happiness and success as they leave us in a few days and in spite of missing them, along with their parents, we take pride in the wonderful young women they have become.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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