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11 November 2016

The year is almost over and the Year 12 girls will soon be getting their final results. While this time is important, it is essential that the girls keep things in perspective. They are far more than their OP score and their results do not control their future success or happiness. This term, the girls have had the opportunity to meet with Mrs Paul or myself for an exit interview. We used this time to check in with the girls and to make sure that they have established some realistic pathways towards their future careers.

For those girls who have submitted a QTAC application, we encourage them to keep a close watch on their QTAC application portal and emails. Most courses have the major offer round in January, but girls can receive early offers from November. They must respond to QTAC offers within four days. Many girls have nominated parents as an authorised representative to act on their behalf in case they are away during this time. It might be a good idea to ask your daughter to show you how to login to their QTAC application in this case.

When students receive an offer, they can respond by:

  • accepting the offer;
  • refusing the offer; or
  • conditionally accepting the offer – this means that they accept the offer, but wish to be considered for courses higher in their preferences if a place becomes available.

Some institutions allow students to defer offers, and in most cases students can do this when they respond to their QTAC offer. The institution will then contact them to advise what to do next.

The girls can change their preferences - the first three changes are free. They may consider doing this after they receive their OP, if they are making a conditional acceptance, or when an offer round is over.

Mrs Currie will be available the week following the release of OP results (from Monday 19 December) to assist any girls or parents with preference changes or to discuss different options. You are more than welcome to make a time to come and see her, chat over the phone (07 4688 8852), or send an email (

A message from Mrs Currie: “Belinda and I have enjoyed working with the Year 12 girls this year helping them to explore all of the exciting opportunities that await them. At this time it is important for the girls to know that the door to the Careers and VET room is never closed. As they embark on their next adventures, know that they are always welcome to come in and talk through options and possibilities. We want the girls to remember that there are many ways to reach their goals and we will continue to help them get there.”

Mrs Sharon Currie, Careers Advisor
and Mrs Belinda Paul, VET Co-ordinator

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