Science Festival ignites scientific minds

28 October 2016

Scientists from USQ filled the laboratories at The Sue Edwards Science Centre for the inaugural Science Festival.  Enjoy a snapshot of the amazing experiments the girls conducted.

WORKSHOP #1 in The Glennie Parents and Friends’ Association laboratory: Forensic Pathology with Ms Leanne Dooley, Lecturer (Laboratory Medicine) at the School of Health and Wellbeing, USQ

  • In this workshop, girls viewed blood slides to identify diseases and illness. They witnessed cell changes for blood collected in different conditions.

WORKSHOP #2 in the Joan Underwood (Osborn) 1931-1938 laboratory: Plant Cell Mitosis with Dr Eliza Whiteside, Senior  Lecturer (Biomedical Science) at the School of Health and Wellbeing, USQ

  • In this workshop, girls used specialised microscopes to identify plant cell mitosis in onion and garlic cells.

WORKSHOP #3 in the Stonestreets  laboratory: UV Investigation with Dr Joanna Turner, Senior Lecturer (Physics), at the School of Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences, USQ

  • In this workshop, girls designed pictures and applied sunscreen to certain areas in order to see the UV effects experienced in everyday life. Dr Turner is a Glennie Old Girl and it was wonderful to have her work with the girls in our new science centre.

WORKSHOP #4 in the Wippells Autos The Russell Family laboratory: Engineering Pasta Towers with Dr Andrew Maxwell, Senior Lecturer (Electronics and Communications Engineering)  at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, USQ

  • In this workshop girls were tasked to create cyclone-proof towers of pasta with limited materials. Girls worked in groups to create a tower that could withstand a powerful pedestal fan (cyclone simulation).  Height, flair and functionality all played a part in scoring each group.

WORKSHOP #5 in the Glennie Old Girls’ Association laboratory: Plant Diseases with Dr Anthony Young, Senior Research Fellow (Field Crops Pathology) at the Centre for Crop Health (Administration)

  • In this workshop, girls were able to identify various plant species and witness the effects diseases have on their cells.

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