This Week in Boarding

14 October 2016

This week in Boarding
Wednesday evening saw the Brown House boarders enjoying a session on self-esteem with well-known presenter Helen Everingham. The girls had dinner with Helen prior to the seminar.

Bella Chicks is on in the Assembly Hall on Friday evening. Boarders have the option of this, board games, chess or conversational Italian with staff member Francesca Breda.

This Friday has been designated a screen free evening in Brown House.

Gill Reynoldson is taking a group of boarders to the local zoo on Sunday. In addition to this, the pool will be open for recreational swimming for boarders on Sunday. Craft with Gayle Ash is available on a Saturday afternoon.

There is fitness training available for boarders on Tuesdays in the pool from 6.45-7.45am and there are also fitness sessions with Mr Brad Griffiths at this time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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