This week in Boarding

7 October 2016

The boarders have returned and are excited to be with their friends once again. I love the the sound of happy chatter at dinner on the first night where they exchange holiday stories.

This first weekend back features a Boarders' Social at Concordia on Saturday night with the majority of guests being from Brown House. We will commence recreational swimming on Sunday afternoons and there is craft on Saturday. Weekend sporting fixtures keep the girls busy as usual.

The Year 7 boarders were involved in craft following an early dinner on Wednesday. The focus this term will be handmade Christmas decorations and will involve the development of a number of skills. Term 4 Chess will commence on Friday of next week.

Next Wednesday is an important evening for our Brown House boarders who will attend a self-esteem program with presenter Ms Helen Everingham from the Centre Within. I first met Helen when she was an impressive speaker at an ICPA conference several years ago. The Brown House girls will have dinner with Helen prior to her workshop and I am sure that they will find her to be relevant and engaging in her discussion of being resilient.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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