The Small but Significant Things

15 September 2016

There are many great moments in boarding and it is often the regular acts or events that create the most joy. The boarders seated  in the candlelight at a lovely Reflective Service in the Glennie Chapel on a Saturday night; their keenness to get up early on Anzac Day to attend the Dawn Service to pay their respects for terrible losses in a war long past. We are always proud of the boarders when we take them out and receive positive comments.

We are always overwhelmed with offers of assistance for Boarder Orientation plus the lovely sight  of quietly contemplative Year 7s creating Christmas decorations. Who can forget boarders' enthusiasm in preparing for Athletics Carnivals or theme dinners. Our girls are kind, busy, enthusiastic and very funny.

One of the most unusual and endearing sights is dinner on the last Tuesday of each term when the boarders have Birthday Tuesday combined with Pyjama Bingo. This is the one day of the term where pyjamas are acceptable at mealtime and "gambling" for mini chocolate frogs is permitted. As soon as the meal is over, the bingo cards are distributed, and the Boarding Committee efficiently runs the session which usually lasts about 30 minutes.

This is such a simple activity and, as Senior Resident Mrs Maree Renouf commented, "they just love it". This is a highly democratic game and even the girls who did not win a frog, receive a mini lollipop. Inexpensive, amusing, entertaining and a great bonding activity, this evening is much cherished as an end-of-term wind-down.

Our boarders are looking forward to holidays and have been packing post exams. We wish them and their families happy times together.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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