AIS Research Week 2 – The importance of self-regulation.

7 August 2015

During the three year study undertaken by the Australian Institute of Sport, the ability of adolescents to take control of their commitments to training, organisation of their lives (school work) and ability to develop strong problem solving skills were key to transitioning from junior to open/adult sport.

With many rural and remote teenagers forced to move to their nearest capital city following completion of Year 12 studies. The research project discovered the seventeen and eighteen year-olds with the best adaptability and organisational and decision-making skills, tended to transition to, and excel the best in senior level sport. Another critical factor was the ability to overcome the numerous set-backs and difficulties faced by a young person moving to a big city by themselves.

The importance of self-regulation was equally vital in team and individual sports. In fact, the data collected from AFL and cricket suggested state level coaches and officials included self-regulation capabilities in selection criteria. They were not looking for athletes who needed to be ‘baby sat’.

Again, this topic is important for girls at Glennie. Even though we are very close to Brisbane, girls with higher ambitions in sport will most likely have to relocate to reach the highest level. Preparing them with mental skills for this change is just as important as preparing them physically.

I hope this second reflection is helpful and thought-provoking. If you would like more information or discuss further, please contact me.

Mr Greg Convery
Head of Department - Sports

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