This week in boarding

2 September 2016

Queensland Core Skills is something of a rite of passage for many Year 12 students. Our boarding house has been very quiet, but busy and productive.

Special occasions are significant for boarders. They remain important aspects of boarding life and times to look forward to in addition to being the makers of happy memories. Tuesday was Birthday Tuesday for August and was celebrated with cake for all boarders. Wednesday was a pizza night followed by a piece of cake for dessert in Year 12 to celebrate the end of QCS, to enjoy a brief wind down before exams, and to celebrate a boarding staff member’s birthday with the girls. These family type events are a great way to bond over a simple and relaxing meal, as one would do at home. Our "family" just has a few more members than most.

I have worked as a teacher in boarding schools since the late 1970s. I have witnessed the old ways of operating which were repressive, horrible and draconian. It always appeared sad that boarders lived for going out, and viewed staying in as punishment. We have created an environment where staying in is a good experience and the boarding houses are comfortable, well resourced, home-like places. Boarding at Glennie is seen as positive and enjoyable, and not a misery. The girls who were not undertaking the QCS asked me if they could have study days in their rooms and this is indicative of them viewing boarding as home.

Our current Year 11 girls just experienced one of their own rites of passage by providing important leadership at last weekend's New Boarder Orientation. These girls did a magnificent job of caring for and entertaining new families; they were most generous with their time and their planning was thoughtful; The 2017 Seniors proved to be most engaging hosts.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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