This Week in Boarding

26 August 2016

On Sunday 28th our new boarders for 2017 will join us for Boarder Orientation Day. The Year 11 boarders work hard for this day as a part of their leadership responsibilities.

Boarding peers are always happy to be involved because they enjoy supporting new boarders and helping them find their way in what is generally an exciting time. These prospective Glennie Boarders enjoy meeting the Year 11 girls who care for them as big sisters would, and they spend time with their peers who will be living with them next year. This day is a part of our focus on being family oriented.

As well as the boarding staff making preparations for this special day, the future Seniors of 2017 are planning a day of activities. Parents will have an afternoon of gathering information regarding boarding with the opportunity for social time. We will all meet up for an evening meal of lasagne and salads. The Year 11s will host the parents for this meal, manage the dining arrangements and engage in conversation. Indoor and board games are planned for the evening as ice-breakers. Breakfast is available for new families in the morning before the new boarders join new day girls to experience a school day at Glennie.

Orientation is always an enjoyable time for us in boarding, with both the younger and older boarders being kept busy using their interpersonal skills and being good hosts. We do place a great deal of importance on being caring, welcoming and engaging. We emphasise communicating with and nurturing new boarding families.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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