Benjamin Glennie's Legacy

12 August 2016

This week, we commemorated Founder’s day, with three separate services held for Junior girls in the Assembly Hall and for Middle and Senior Years girls at St Luke’s Church.

Reverend Benjamin Glennie was a remarkable man and a wonderful role model and example for us all. It was a shame that he never saw his dream of building a school come to reality, despite having raised the funds through the sale of fruit and vegetables and other enterprises to purchase the land on which Glennie stands, as he died in 1900, but I am sure that he would be very proud if he could see the school today.

2016 commemorates the 108th anniversary of the foundation of our school. The Glennie Memorial School, as it was known started in 1908, at a cost of nearly 7,000 pounds. The official opening conducted by Archbishop Donaldson was held on Wednesday 10 August 1910 and Founder’s Day has been celebrated on this day ever since.

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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