This Week in Boarding

5 August 2016

The next two Mondays will be themed dinner nights with boarders raising money for cancer research. The Catering staff are always supportive of these lovely and slightly crazy evenings.

Next Monday is the annual Alphabet dinner where family tables are allocated a letter of the alphabet and dress up accordingly. We have had some hilarious costumes and this is always a good way to bond with one’s peers as well as raise money to support Miss Kate Powell in her amazing efforts to assist people in need.

The Boarding Committee is organising both theme dinners and they will decorate the dining room. There are always small prizes to encourage a sense of competition. In addition to this annual alphabet dinner, there is an Olympic dinner the following Monday to celebrate this exciting event. Once again, the different family table members have a dress up theme.

We will conduct a food survey this term and boarders are encouraged to be honest in their responses. As each girl has her own likes and dislikes when it comes to food, the answers tend to cancel each other out, with as many girls happy with a particular offering as not. The catering staff and boarding staff enjoy reading the sometimes highly entertaining comments.

This survey does serve a serious purpose and  assists considerably in the planning of meals. The girls’ ideas and suggestions are taken very seriously.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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