This Week in Boarding

29 July 2016

Our boarder leaders and new GAP students headed to Fairholme on Monday for a boarding leadership meeting. A good time was had by all and the girls returned with some exciting ideas. We hosted a similar function early this year and, as well as getting to know one another, the boarders find the exchange of ideas and planning sessions very valuable.

The Year 7 boarders enjoyed a session on how to draw a tree by starting at the top and we had early dinner together. We are once again blessed to have four new GAP students with us in boarding. These wonderful, adaptable and intrepid young women are excellent role models for the boarders and we enjoy having them living with us.

Miss Theresa Meyer, Miss Nicole Lindt and Miss Jule Bandow are from Germany, and Miss Jody Hender from Canada. They will be living and working predominantly in the Junior Years and the Boarding Houses over the next twelve months. They provide much support in boarding and act as escorts for many medical and dental appointments. GAP students tend to be quite homesick on arrival in boarding, but by the time their year is over, few wish to depart and this is often a very sad time. We love having these young women with us and they certainly enrich our lives.

The GAP students are included as much as possible in outings and functions and they also interact with their peers from other schools.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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