This Week in Boarding

22 July 2016

I was visited by a wonderful young woman at the end of last week. Belinda Groves was a model boarder, a great supporter of the junior boarders in Brown House and was awarded the 2015 M D and V M Loughnan Family Gift at Speech Day for service in Boarding.

Belinda found a position working on a large property up north and is loving her working life. She plans to attend University in the future to study Rural Science. Always enthusiastic, with a lovely disposition and beautiful manners, Belinda is a most welcome guest.

Belinda is a great boarding success story but most importantly, the product of a loving and balanced rural family. The ability for an extended family to work with boarding staff is essential. I have a memory of Belinda as a delightful Year 7 girl in an evening art session painting a rural scene and I complimented her on this. Her response was "all those years in the paddock were not wasted".

Past boarders keep in touch and we hear of them undertaking a diverse range of tertiary studies as well as interesting traineeships and exciting careers. One of our past boarders has just returned on the HMAS Darwin from her seven month deployment with the Navy in the Middle East. Seaman Amber Phineasa was a past Yalari scholar and has obviously found her niche in the military.

Boarders develop great resilience living away from home and it serves them well in their years beyond Glennie. The aim of  Simmons House is to provide a transition year between school and self-sufficiency. We "loosen the reins" a bit in Simmons so that there is controlled but structured freedom. We remain however, highly vigilant and accountable.

Some Glennie day families decide to board  their daughters for Year 12 to provide them with structured prep and academic support, encourage independence and learn organisational skills so that leaving school is not a shock.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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